Williamsburg-Yorktown American Revolution Round Table

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Previous Meetings


Feb 6

They Were Good Soldiers (John Rees)


Eyewitness Images from the American Revolution (Arthur Lefkowitz)


One of the Revolutionary War's Bravest Generals (John Beakes)


The Plot Against General Washington (Mark Lender)


Battle of Guilford Courthouse (John Maass)


Hurricane of Independence (Tony Williams)


Feb 7

York River Sonar and Marine Sanctuary Update (John Broadwater)

Apr 4

Henry Knox (Phil Hamilton)

Jul 10

Walking Tour of Yorktown (J. Michael Moore)

Aug 1

Founding Martyr: Dr. Joseph Warren (Christian DiSpigna)

Oct 3

Marquis De Saint-Simon: A Hero of Yorktown (J. Michael Moore)

Dec 5

Christmas Party at Hornsby House Inn, Yorktown


Feb 7

Presidents Before Washington (Russell Rockefeller)

Feb 24

Virginia Campaigns 1781 (Symposium)

Apr 4

The Betsy: Sunken Treasure in the York River (John Broadwater)

Jun 6

Alexander Hamilton (Tony Williams)

Aug 8

Collier's 1779 Raid into Portsmouth (Gerald Holland)

Oct 4

Williamsburg Archeology: Right in Your Own Back Yard (Meredith Poole)

Oct 19

Founding Myths (Ray Raphael)

Nov 17

Mid-Atlantic Campaigns 1776-1778 Trenton to Monmouth (Symposium)

Dec 6

American Way of War from Revolutionary War to World War I (Ed Lengel)


Feb 2

The Revolutionary War Leadership of Maj. Gen. William Heath (Dr. Sean Heuvel)

Apr 6

The Seizure of the Norfolk Intelligencer (Gerald Holland)

Jun 1

The Battle of Eutaw Springs (Bert Dunkerly)

Aug 3

Dunmore's War: The Last Conflict of America's Colonial Era (Glenn Williams)

Oct 5

Brothers At Arms (Dr. Larrie Ferreiro)

Dec 7

The Sunken Fleet of Yorktown (Michael Steen)


Feb 4

The Battle of Hubbardton (Bruce Venter)

Apr 7

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation (Ed Ayres)

Aug 4

Records of the 18th Century Williamsburg Public Store (Kate Gruber)

Oct 6

Gloucester Point and the Battle of the Hook (Lt. Col. L.H. Burruss)

Dec 1

Christmas Night 1776: How Did They Cross? (Bill Welsch)


Feb 5

General Howe and Mrs. Loring: The Myth vs. Reality (Dr. Sean Heuvel)

Apr 2

Fellowship Night/Planning Meeting at Seasons Restaurant

Jun 4

What was Benedict Arnold Doing in Virginia in 1781? (John Millar)

Aug 6

Artifact 18th Century Military Uniforms (Norman Fuss)

Oct 1

Captain Squire, Lord Dunmore, & The Norfolk Intelligencer (Gerald Holland)

Dec 10

Social and Business Meeting