Williamsburg-Yorktown American Revolution Round Table

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Feb 7

York River Sonar and Marine Sanctuary Update (John Broadwater)

Apr 4

Henry Knox (Phil Hamilton)

Jul 10

Walking Tour of Yorktown (J. Michael Moore)

Aug 1

Founding Martyr: Dr. Joseph Warren (Christian DiSpigna)

Oct 3

Marquis De Saint-Simon: A Hero of Yorktown (J. Michael Moore)

Dec 5

Christmas Party at Hornsby House Inn, Yorktown


Feb 7

Presidents Before Washington (Russell Rockefeller)

Feb 24

Virginia Campaigns 1781 (Symposium)

Apr 4

The Betsy: Sunken Treasure in the York River (John Broadwater)

Jun 6

Alexander Hamilton (Tony Williams)

Aug 8

Collier's 1779 Raid into Portsmouth (Gerald Holland)

Oct 4

Williamsburg Archeology: Right in Your Own Back Yard (Meredith Poole)

Oct 19

Founding Myths (Ray Raphael)

Nov 17

Mid-Atlantic Campaigns 1776-1778 Trenton to Monmouth (Symposium)

Dec 6

American Way of War from Revolutionary War to World War I (Ed Lengel)


Feb 2

The Revolutionary War Leadership of Maj. Gen. William Heath (Dr. Sean Heuvel)

Apr 6

The Seizure of the Norfolk Intelligencer (Gerald Holland)

Jun 1

The Battle of Eutaw Springs (Bert Dunkerly)

Aug 3

Dunmore's War: The Last Conflict of America's Colonial Era (Glenn Williams)

Oct 5

Brothers At Arms (Dr. Larrie Ferreiro)

Dec 7

The Sunken Fleet of Yorktown (Michael Steen)


Feb 4

The Battle of Hubbardton (Bruce Venter)

Apr 7

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation (Ed Ayres)

Aug 4

Records of the 18th Century Williamsburg Public Store (Kate Gruber)

Oct 6

Gloucester Point and the Battle of the Hook (Lt. Col. L.H. Burruss)

Dec 1

Christmas Night 1776: How Did They Cross? (Bill Welsch)


Feb 5

General Howe and Mrs. Loring: The Myth vs. Reality (Dr. Sean Heuvel)

Apr 2

Fellowship Night/Planning Meeting at Seasons Restaurant

Jun 4

What was Benedict Arnold Doing in Virginia in 1781? (John Millar)

Aug 6

Artifact 18th Century Military Uniforms (Norman Fuss)

Oct 1

Captain Squire, Lord Dunmore, & The Norfolk Intelligencer (Gerald Holland)

Dec 10

Social and Business Meeting